A recent discovery …. a red letter day?

Readers of the occasional blog posts may have read the lamenting of field naturalists and difficult disciplines and the specialists able to determine them.

Well, after a long tiring week I received an email which provided a new species for the Thorne Moors SSSI invertebrate list, that of a tiny Proctotrupid Phaneroserphus calcar (Haliday, 1839).

Phaneroserphus-calcar (haliday 1839) http://www.biolib.cz/en/image/id96124

Phaneroserphus-calcar (haliday 1839) http://www.biolib.cz/en/image/id96124

OK, so it’s a pretty small parasitic wasp so why the excitement?  A bit of ‘web ferreting’ revealed only one other UK record (unless you know differently).

Perhaps more interesting is the fact that it confirms the long standing view that Thorne and Hatfield Moors are still under-recorded and that new species are there to be found by anyone prepared to spend time out there looking.

The Forum is indebted to one of its associates who is happy to accept material for determination in order to add to the astonishing catalogue of invertebrate interest of Thorne Moors SSSI.


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