Mammals, herptiles and fish of Thorne Moors

Martin Limbert has extensively revised the THMCF web page for the mammals, herptiles and fish of Thorne Moors.

Completely new sections have been added, starting with a review of the current mechanisms of recording these vertebrates, before detailing population surveys and species monitoring. The next section covers the recording area and gives a historical outline of general recording.

The annotated checklist has been revised to conform with the ever-changing nomenclature.

The Forum has published two technical reports relevant to those particularly interested in this field:
No. 13, ‘The Fish and Herptiles of Thorne Moors’, by Martin Limbert, Steve Hiner and B.P. Wainwright, was first published in 2004, with a second edition in 2008.
No. 15, ‘The Mammals of Thorne Moors’, by Martin Limbert, was first published in 2005, with a second edition also in 2008.
A few copies of both of these are available for sale.

Regrettably the number of recordings in this area has diminished markedly in the last few years, and recorders in other areas are encouraged to submit recordings of mammals, herptiles and fish they encounter while pursuing their own specialisms.

It may be useful to construct a similar web page for Hatfield Moors – any volunteers to supply the data?  Please contact the Forum’s Recorder with any offers.

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