T&HMC Forum’s Annual Meeting

Some fifteen centimetres of snow prevented the Chair making his presentation on recent invertebrate discoveries at the Annual Meeting yesterday.  Other regulars were absent and generally attendance was down but that was to be expected and forgiven in light of the weather!  Nevertheless Dr Buckland’s Powerpoint with its excellent images, incredible statistics and new discoveries of many RDB1 species was enjoyed despite Paul’s absence and eloquent rhetoric.  This Powerpont will provide a basis for a more detailed presentation when the full findings of the 2012 Invertebrate Survey will be ‘published’ via a conference later this year.  Register your interest in attending via the Exec Secretary.

Other presentations included some of the finds following the three year field work on Thorne Moors which will provide a baseline botanical list and see a first ever ‘Flora’ published for Thorne Moors SSSI.

Natural England’s Senior Reserve Manager also spoke of the necessity to underpin management work with current scientific evidence.

The Executive Secretary provided a brief resume of the conservation issues arising in 2012 and described the endeavours and sheer volume of work undertaken by a small but dedicated team as a significant contribution to ensuring that Thorne & Hatfield Moors SSSI remained safeguarded for future generations to enjoy and record new discoveries as have been detailed in recent survey and monitoring undertakings.

Helen Kirk, a recipient of the British Empire Medal in the 2013 New Years Honours list also paid tribute to previous campaigners from whom she’d ‘accepted’ the baton, particularly the late Stephen Westoby Warburton and William Bunting.  Helen further explained to the stalwarts and visitors present what she saw as Forum activity in 2013:

  • Retain a focus in terms of science
  • ‘Publish’
  • Use the evidence to underpin any ‘conservation campaigns’
  • Continue to work collaboratively where opportunities and potential exists
  • WTWs
  • IMIS Seminar & a ‘Celebration’

Helen also reminded those present that 2014 would see the Forum’s Silver Jubilee.  It is interesting to reflect the rationale behind the formation of the Thorne & Hatfield Moors Conservation Forum and to see its relevance today, but that’s another post for another day!


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