North Engine and Hatfield Waste Drains run parallel to the A18 into Scunthorpe and often provide interesting car ‘ticks’, similarly Double Rivers.  Throughout the winter months there have been small parties of Goosanders cruising the drains, these have long since departed for breeding territories and avoidance of all the increased engineering activity.  The wintering swan herds too have moved on, with ocasional pairs of Mute’s settling up local territories.


Marsh Harrier


There are also frequent sightings of Marsh Harriers with birds regularly encountered over the last three years or so.  This last winter though numbers appear to have dropped, and as winter turned to spring no pairs have been observed as in previous years.  This isn’t scientific survey, it’s analysis of occasional and casual observations and therefore anecdotal.  But the travel has been consistent and the numbers of observations had been increasing until recently, so what has caused the apparent decline?  Is there a decline or have the birds moved territories?  There are still regular sightings elsewhere in the Humberhead area.

Does anyone know what the six ‘closed drains’ are just after Double Rivers, are they some form of mitigation measure for the nearby engineering development?

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