Spring …. for how long?

Spring must be here, here on the periphery of our two beleagured bogs in the the Humberhead Levels we have male and female brimstone butterflies, pairs of orange-tip and even green-veined white all busy in the sunshine.

Clearly the adders too are enjoying the arrival of warmer weather and are being encountered more frequently, this one shown here on Hatfied Moors was submitted by Dave Williamson who visited recently.

130506 Adder DW

Keeping your eyes peeled still, other rewards are to be found to delight the careful and observant visitor, the insectivorous round-leaved sundew supplementing its diet with invertebrate protein – one of natures recyclers.

Many an unwary invertebrate meets a sticky end ....

Many an unwary invertebrate meets a sticky end ….

A close up inspection reveals the detail of this tiny plant, a bog specialist which uses sugary secretions to entice its next meal.


Thanks to Ian McDonald and Steve Hiner for sharing the two sundew images.

Here’s a challenge for the specialist photographers out there, how about an identifable insect on a sundew leaf, submit any image via email please with an appropriate caption to execsec@thmcf.org.uk

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