More wildlife casualties, but at least this time there was a happy ending ….

River valleys with wooded margins are a favoured spot for foraging bats. Rivers are favourite spots for fishermen too. Sadly the two do not always get along. Careless abandonment of line with hooks left on can kill or maim wildlife. Left dangling in a tree this brutish hook caught a bat. Was it the fly wafting in the evening breeze which tempted the bat? Fortunately for the poor creature a member of the Forum’s Executive happened to be walking this particular section of the Rivelin Valley, an idyllic and popular area.

Bat Rivelin Valley 6 5 13

The injured bat was rescued despite its vociferous protest and was taken to a vet who removed the hook from its mouth and after a day or so recovering from its ordeal it was released back into its home territory.

Bat impalement hook Rivelin 6 5 13

Please, any fishermen reading this …. when you cast and tangle your line up in vegetation do not abandon it, retrieve it. Carelessness can kill and at the risk of being accused of anthropomorphism it must be an incredible and excruciating agony to hang by your mouth on such a barb. A slow and unnecessary death. Sadly the vet reported that this was not the first such incident of hooked bats that he had assisted with, similarly a Huddersfield bat worker has also reported other such incidences.

130505 Bat Rivelin Valley pcb

To anyone who comes across an injured bat, please contact the Bat Conservation Trust 24 hour helpline on 0845 1300 228 and they will advise you of your nearest bat group or vet who will take in injured bats.

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