‘Moor’ moths ….

Here are a few more of the species recorded from the recent mothing session on Crowle Moors submitted by Phil Lee.

770 Carpatolechia proximella Crowle Moor 6.5.13


Carpatolechia proximella, is another widespread and common species of woodland and heathand whose larvae feed on birch and alder.


Purple Thorn 1 Crowle Moor 6.5.13


The male Purple Thorn shown above is another common moth recorded from the Humberhead Levels and a colourful addition to an evening’s moth trapping session.  Not surprisingly, it is more difficult to encounter through the day because of its cryptic camouflage.


Scalloped Hook-tip 1 Crowle Moor 6.5.13


The Scalloped Hook-tip shown above is a typical woodland species whose larvae feed on birch.  Three common species but still delightful to encounter and thanks to Phil for sharing them.

For those interested in the changes in moth fortunes, winners and losers then Butterfly Conservation’s report The State of Britain’s Larger Moths 2013 is well worth a read.  Such reports rely upon and draw heavily from volunteer submitted data.  So, as well as enjoying and sharing an interest in the study of nocturnal biodiversity, contributing data helps in conserving it.



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