Saw …. flies, yes seen some excellent ones – a new county record

Thanks to Phil Lee for sharing the news of his recent discovery and for continuing to share his excellent images.  Today’s offerings illustrate Strongylogaster mixta (Klug, 1817), seen recently on Crowle Moors.  The species has an affinity with Lady Fern, Athyrium felix-femina.


130512 Strongylogaster mixta Sawfly 3 Crowle Moor pl


Sawflies are regarded as the most primative members of the order Hymenoptera which also includes bees, wasps and ants. There are around 500 species recorded in Britain.   Other excellent images of a variety of sawflies can be seen here. 


130512 Strongylogaster mixta Sawfly 2 Crowle Moor pl


The species which represents a good find for the Humberhead Levels area appears to be infrequently recorded if NBN is anything to judge by, favouring the west side of the country.


130512 Strongylogaster mixta Sawfly 1 Crowle Moor  pl


This discovery adds credence to the view that Thorne and Hatfield Moors, which include Crowle and encompass the other ‘Humberhead Peatlands’ at Epworth and Haxey Turbaries still have hidden gems awaiting discovery.  All it needs is enthusiasm and then patience.  The gauntlets down, let’s find ‘moor’ goodies ….


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