Will it be a good dragon and damsel season?

Pyrrhosoma nymphula

Pyrrhosoma nymphula

This female Large Red Damselfly was captured by Steve Hiner near Swinefleet Gate (Thorne Moors) yesterday.

The female of this species has three colour forms, the commonest typica is similar to the male but more extensive black on all abdominal segments, the dark form melanotum has yellow antehumeral stripes (as do immatures of both sexes) and very restricted areas of red and yellow on the largely black abdomen but the red joints between the terminal segments help to seperate it from the female Red-eyed Damselfly (in which they are blue).  The red form, fulvipes has black on the abdomen that is intermediate between typica and the male.

Find out more about these fascinating invertebrates here.

So, what do you think …. is this typica or fulvipes?

Watch out and please, let us know of any interesting records, or better still send in quality images and share them with other keen naturalists and observers.


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