Diary dates & Neolithic trackway updates?

Just a few items which might be of interest to readers interested in the natural history and management of Thorne and Hatfield Moors.

Monday 23 September 2013: The Executive are delighted to announce a seminar at which key findings of a recent invertebrate survey will be reported.  If this is of interest to you then contact us via execsec@thmcf.org

Wednesday 2 October 2013: A British Ecological Society Workshop (with JBA Consulting, T&HMC Forum, the International Peat Society, South Yorkshire ECONET & Sheffield Hallam University) which will look at the complexities of “one of the biggest, most interesting and historically controvertial peatland restoration sites in the UK, so it is a unique chance to get involved and find out more”.  For more information see UKECONET.

The image below, taken on Thorne Moors in July this year, shows an exceptional display of common cotton grass Eriophorum vaginatum.  Many familiar with the moors over many decades couldn’t recall a year when the seeds created such a vista as to appear as a snowstorm, a sheet of white across acres of moorland, gossamer clusters hanging from all nature of vegetation structure.


Thorne July 2013 254


Saturday 23 November 2013: South Yorkshire Archaeology Day, see Sheffield City Council website for more detail.  There are eight talks, the one being given by Dr Henry Chapman: Modelling the past: the hidden landscape archaeology of Hatfield and Thorne Moors might be of interest to readers with an interest in the Neolithic trackway.

The images below, taken on Hatfield Moors illustrate the condition of the Neolithic trackway, a nationally significant find and its ‘in situ’ conservation following the discovery in 2004.



The image above shows investigative work in 2005.


This above taken in 2008 shows neglect and the dispair felt by the finder of the trackway?

110911 HMN'trackway in situ hrk 609

And in 2011 shows the condition ‘in situ’ preservation, these management works undertaken and monitored by Natural England.

Watch this space for the next installment of this rather sad South Yorkshire saga.




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