South Yorkshire Natural History Festival 2014


We have been sent and invited to take part in the forthcoming event, the fifth of the series:

Sorby Natural History Society

South Yorkshire Natural History Festival 2014

to be held at Treeton Miners Welfare Club, in Treeton near Rotherham.

Saturday 22 February from 10.30am onwards.

Previous years have been well attended and offer like-minded individuals and organisations the opportunity to gather and show case their work and recruit or generate interest to their area or project.

All are welcome, please contact Bob Croxton via to book your place(s) and local groups wishing to offer displays are asked to contact

We will post updates as more information is made available.

The Forum are keen to receive information such as the above and other similar meetings which are open to members of the public with an interest in natural history and environmental conservation. 

By publicising events it does not necessarily mean that the Executive endorse or subscribe to the views of the originating organisation, but rather that it might consider wider dissemination of the information useful and beneficial to nature conservation interest.  

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