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C americana ts 7978

A recent enquiry has added the third record of a species to the Lincolnshire coleoptera list.  This Rosemary beetle Chrysolina americana was located in a sub-urban garden in the Humberhead Levels.

Chrysolina americana has established itself in the UK.  It appears to have been first recorded in 1963 (Johnson) in Cheshire and was considered to have been a possible introduction from Portugal where it is common.  It has attracted the attention of the Central Science Laboratory who have written a Pest Risk Analysis for the species.  It provides a useful insight into occurrence and likely mode of arrival in the UK.  The Royal Horticultural Society also provides detail.

They overwinter in leaf litter below the foodplant (rosemary and thyme).  They have also been recorded as being active during the winter months, which is interesting considering they originate from the mediterranean!

It just goes to show that it pays to keep your eyes peeled for interesting invertebrates even in winter!  Let us know if you find one in your garden ….

Thanks to Ted Sabin for providing the image.


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