Harriers, Badgers & Fracking ….

The state of our natural world seems to be suffering assaults from all sorts of directions recently.  A few updates on issues we have covered:

Badger cull

Thanks to all those readers who responded to the appeal to sign the South Yorkshire Local Authority petitions calling for them to adopt a cull free zone should the Government roll out the trials further.  All three Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley have received sufficient on line signatures so they are required to discuss the matter, through our friends at SYBG we will keep you updated of any outcome.  There’s still time to add more signatures, see details here.logo




The Humane Society International are running an epetition:

Before the roll out announcement is made

Tell farming minister George Eustice to Kill the Cull, not England’s badgers

The Wildlife Trusts too are launching their contribution to the collection that tries to persuade the Government that their unscientific, unpopular and ineffective actions are not helping the situation, least of all farmers who need help and support not demonising as inhumane monsters.  They are seeking signatories to Ask David Cameron to ‘drop the cull’ before it’s too late .

Many of us will undoubtably have received the response from Defra in respect of Mike Armitage’s call for the Licensing of upland grouse moors. Mark Avery sums it up well here.  To date some 42 comments have been posted in reply to Defra’s PR and Mark’s critique of it and where one might be forgiven for thinking that some of the dislike buttons have been ‘hit’ by Defra staff?


The BBC and others report on Caroline Lucas’s appearance in court following her arrest after being charged with others for breaching Section 14 of the Public Order Act.  Whatever your views on fracking and the manner in which it is being driven through you have to admire the committment and conviction of a politician who stands by promises?  A rare species and a popular one for her stance and her actions?


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