Malta Massacre on Migration …. an appeal by Chris Packham.

So what has Malta to do with the Moors?  Quite possibly we have less birds visiting us because some are lost on migration to mindless murderers in Malta?

Yet, why is it that the UK media are not interested in covering the ongoing battle of migration massacres in Malta?  What happened to their campaigning stance?  So frustrated by their apathy Chris Packham and a small team are now in Malta and will broadcast a series of Video Diaries at 9pm every evening from 21 to 26 April.  Watch them …. if you dare?

Of the Maltese atrocities Chris says:

“I have equally tried to stimulate television programme makers to cover the issue – both without success – a sad reflection of our complacent and risk adverse times.

Well, I’ve finally run out of patience and together with three colleagues and the support of Birdlife Malta this spring I will be making a nightly video diary of the days events on the island which will be posted on . . . Video Diaries

Then please pleads Chris, do something …. write to your MEP for starters perhaps, some useful information and guidance is available via Chris’s website. 

Maltese massacres on migration,  Hen Harrier persecution here in the UK, badger culls just where will it all end – mindless murder by minorities?


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