‘Moor’ on Malta Massacre on Migration ….



Chris Packham unashamedly explains on the Malta Massacre on Migration website ….

For many years I have lobbied the UK’s bird charities to campaign to raise awareness about the slaughter of migrant birds on Malta. I have equally tried to stimulate television programme makers to cover the issue – both without success – a sad reflection of our complacent and risk adverse times.

Well, I’ve finally run out of patience and together with three colleagues and the support of Birdlife Malta this spring I will be making a nightly video diary of the days events on the island which will be posted on . . . the Video Diaries Daily 9pm, 21st to 26th April 2014.  Thus far I’ve watched all four, they are between ten and fifteen minutes in duration and they are quite revealing, they are depressing but that should motivate us all to do as Packham asks …. which at the very least should be to write to our MEPs!  There’s no excuse not to, his website offers a sample letter.  There is also a link through to MEPs email addresses via WriteToThem.com   (enter your postcode and it’s a painfree process) there are other options are offered and of course snail mail is always there by way of contingency.

In our area, Yorkshire and the Humber, we have six of them: Edward McMillan-Scott (Vice President of the European Parliament), Linda McAvan, Godfrey Bloom, Rebecca Taylor, Timothy Kirkhope and Andrew Brons so let’s send a clear message that legislative compliance is not a luxury but a community necessity.

It will be interesting to see if they respond, particularly ahead of the forthcoming European elections of 22 May.  I’ll let you know how we get on ….

The logo is copyright but it is available for personal use, see website explanation.  I’m sure we will be forgiven for using it on the blog post, it is after all promoting the cause …. I’m even tempted to have a T-Shirt printed with it on and “I wrote to my MEP” added ….

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