Some good news …. Thorne Moors A Botanical Survey


Dactylorhiza fuchsii

Dactylorhiza fuchsii (Image: Steve Hiner)


We are delighted to provide readers with advance notification that the long awaited Thorne Moors A Botanical Survey is with the printers and is expected by the end of the month!

Even better news is the amount of colour the publication contains.  Not only is there a photographic wraparound cover, there are also some stunning images of both the natural habitats and landscapes, both flowering plants and mosses and also the maps and other figures as well and it’s …. only £10 a copy!

This incredibly low price is made possible because we have received generous sponsorship from both JBA Trust and the local Natural England office and the Forum Executive feel that it needs to be made available at an affordable price to local people, students and researchers.  Please note that there is a limited print run, so reserve your copy now (postage to be advised).

All involved are to be congratulated, particularly Ian McDonald who initiated the project and also Colin Wall who made available the results of his extensive dataset on bryophytes. For more information and to reserve a copy download the Advance Notification




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