‘Moor moth-athon’ updates

Although there are still a few micro moths to be determined, the ‘moth-athon’ on Friday 25 July fell just a little short of the target 200 species.  But, when you factor in the weather with the clear skies, the drop in temperature from around 25 deg in the day to 11 deg in the evening then I think it was a very respectable endeavour particularly for an inland site?

Some eight stations with some 14 lights straddling from east to west across Thorne Moors delivered a total of 186 species to some 19 recorders!  Certainly, any pilots overhead, flying towards Finningley would have wondered at the lighting array very obvious below them?

As reported in previous blog posts some five micro species were new to Thorne Moors along with three other macros and have now delivered a respectable boost to the number of species logged on the Natura 2000 site.

Narrow-winged Pug (below) is a distinctive species of heathland and moorland and the larvae feed on the flowers of calluna.  Generally on the wing in April to June, five specimens caught across the moor suggest a second generation.  Narrow-winged Pug Crowle Moor 25.7.14


White-spotted Pug (below), just a singleton from Crowle Moors is a good record as the only record for Thorne Moors is that of a Porritt record for Medge Hall in 1900 (Porritt 1904).  White-spotted is a species of damp areas and woodland, its second generation larvae feed on flowers and seeds of wild angelica and hogweed, the spring generation on the flowers of elder.

White-spotted Pug Crowle Moor 25.7.14


Another noteworthy Pug recorded was Golden-Rod, another uncommon species with a male and female taken on the western periphery.

Round-winged Muslin (below) is a species feeding on lichens (especially dog lichen) and various mosses.  Small numbers were caught at four of the stations.

Round-winged Muslin 1 Crowle Moor 25.7.14

Thanks to the nineteen brave souls who ventured forth that evening to rise to the challenge of 200 in a single evening, well done!

Harry Beaumont, Matthew Blissett, Phil Cadman, Dave Chesmore, Louise Eaton, Steve Hiner, John Hartley, James Hinchliffe, John Hitchcock,  Catherine Jones, Helen Kirk, Phil Lee, Alf McGowan, Ron Moat,  Margaret Prior, Ted Sabin, Martin Warne,  Darren Whitaker and Trisha Williams.

Here’s to next year and better weather …. in the interim there’s still a good chunk of the season left so keep those records coming in.

Thanks to Phil Lee for sharing his images.

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