Sphagnum identification workshops, Archaeology Day & Conservation campaigning updates ….

Interested in natural history identification?  Then you might be interested in attending the Sphagnum Workshop being run by ECONET


Sphagnum Mosses: Identification, Diversity, Landscapes and Ecology

The session being run on Monday 20 October is taking place on Thorne Moors.  Places are limited.  Please book directly through ECONET (details on the download link above).


The site of the Neolithic trackway, discovered on Hatfield Moors in 2004 with its ‘VIP visitors’. 

110911 HMN'trackway in situ hrk 609

The site in 2013 …. ‘in situ preservation’ as recommended by the statutory agencies.

Also of possible interest to readers might be the Archaeology Day offered on Saturday 22 November and organised by the South Yorkshire Archaeology Service

If it is of interes then please book directly with SYAS (Details on the download link above).



We’ve also been contacted by one of our network who has asked that we draw to readers attention the potential for a major development in the FOREST OF DEAN (Planning Application P0663/14/OUT), see the 38 degree epetition for more detail.  If it proceeds, it will be another example of the continued failure to safeguard the best wildlife sites, similarly it is said that it ….  is likely to set an unwarranted national planning precedent for major development in other areas of the Forest of Dean, other publically owned Forests and other highly sensitive landscape and wildlife areas throughout the UK.
The petition further argues the case that …. National Public Forests should not be used as cheap building land for major development. The majority of the development site is part of the Premier Heritage Forest of Dean, owned by the nation and the site should remain publically owned as recommended by the Independent Panel Report on Forestry wholly accepted by the Government.  

The epetition currently stands at 3,130 let’s help them send a message to Mr Pickles, is this a variation of the National Forest sell off by a more cicuitous route?

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