Danvm Drainage Commissioners: Audit Report finally released.

Regular readers of the blog might recall posts about recent investigations into the modus operandi of the Danvm Drainage Commissioners of 20 July, 18 August and again 20 August?

At long last we are pleased to report that the Audit Report has finally been released to the Shire Group of Internal Drainage Boards.  Sadly DMBC officers and the aforementioned did not pass it across to the Forum’s Executive as inferred would happen in correspondence received from DMBC officers.  It is not an easy document to locate, indeed one might be forgiven for thinking that it was an intentional act to hide it although in fairness it has to be said that the Shire Group IDB website is not and never has been in our opinion an easy website to either navigate or more significantly locate documents of these public bodies.  Perhaps their staff went on the same Defra training course as those managing the new Natural England website via GOV.UK?

The Freedom of Information request was formally submitted via WhatDoTheyKnow, and excellent tool.  Sadly however, failure to comply with published procedures by the public bodies does not seem to be taken seriously or addressed.  Maybe that’s a question for prospective Members of Parliament?

Whilst not quite as damming perhaps as the Caldicot & Wentlooge Levels Internal Drainage Board Report in the Public Interest 2010 – 11 it does make interesting reading if this kind of documentation appeals to you.  To our mind it about open, transparent conduct of business in public office.  It has to be remembered that this IDB receives approximately 85% of its funding through Special Levy (i.e. local taxpayers).  However, as someone having sat through Board meetings as a public observer it has to be said that it is somewhat subjective.  The Audit Report conducted as an Internal one by DMBC has not in our opinion taken sufficient account of wider input available to them, one might ponder the question why is that?  Pages 4 to 7 provide an Executive Summary.

The Forum’s area of geographical interest means that it observes the activities of the following Internal Drainage Boards:

Black Drain Drainage Board

Danvm Drainage Commissioners


Doncaster East IDB

Goole Fields

Reedness & Swinefleet Drainage Board

Thornetree: No website available but contact details are available via the ADA website.  It is interesting to note that the Association of Drainage Authorities website displays out of date information for the Shire Group IDBs.   





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