Capitalism & conflict, any hope for environmental conservation?

Officials in the US and EU are secretly negotiating a huge, dangerous trade deal which would put the profits of big business ahead of our welfare, health and environment. [1] We can stop it – but only if enough of us move fast.

The deal is called the “Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership”, or “TTIP” for short. It’s like a Christmas-list for big business.[2]

Right now, people across Europe are signing a petition calling for TTIP, and a similar Canadian deal, to be stopped. It’s getting close to 1 million signatures! [3] If we can keep it growing, it should be impossible for the EU to ignore.

Can you help get it past 1 million? Please click here to sign the petition now.

The negotiations about TTIP are shrouded in secrecy. But leaked details are scary. TTIP could:

Allow companies to sue governments if they pass laws which hit corporate profits – like capping energy prices or introducing plain packet cigarettes. [4]

Make irreversible the privatisation of public services like the NHS, energy companies, or the Post Office. [5]

Force lax US standards on British customers – scrapping rules in areas like GM, food safety and energy efficiency. [6]

Is this what we want in this country, to be as ‘corporate’ as the capitalists acoss the pond?  Help take back control for communities and not capitalist corporatations?  We have one planet, it is a shared planet not a multinational resource to be put at risk by political and corporate agendas.

Please can you sign the Europe-wide petition against TTIP now?

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