Forests under fire again?

Here we go again …. selling off the family silver again?

Ancient oaks: under threat again?

Ancient oaks: under threat again?

Never mind one ancient tree to be replaced by 100 saplings, the proposed Infrastructure Bill making it’s way through Parliament now could see public forests sold off.  Given that many of these wonderful havens for wildlife have public access, what are the odds they will be disposed of at knock down prices?  Royal Mail fiasco, bank bail outs and now public land rich in wildlife …. are we to be left with no public wild spaces that are not being transformed into theme parks?

Stalwart web campainers 38 degrees have an epetition:

House of Lords: exempt forests from the infrastructure bill.

The Infrastructure Bill opens up public land to be sold off to private companies.

Readers may recall the earlier attempt by the ConDem Government to sell off the public forest?  38 Degrees members stopped the sale of publicly owned forests once before – now, we have to do the same again. Our forests our too precious to lose.

Can we rally again, will readers sign and forward the request amongst their network?  

Future generations need public forests – space to breath and relax far from the madding crowd and exploitation of corporate capitalism?


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