What Do They [Doncaster MBC] Know about the Danvm Drainage Commissioners?

The Danvm Drainage Commissioners were subject of an Internal Audit of their Governance, the findings were eventually published by Doncaster MBC.  The Report (Ref.: DN-PL-13a-IN-E-DANVM) is not easily located, but the determined can eventually locate it under ‘news‘ on the Shire Group website.  Unfortunately the Shire Group of IDB website does not have a search facility so four clicks are needed to locate it, but that is only if you associate Governance / Audits with ‘news’.

The Executive are still analysing the 26 page document and in the interim have decided to submit another Freedom of Information Request to DMBC via the WhatDoTheyKnow website.  The website indicates that we will receive a response by 4 December.  Mmmh, the last time we submitted an FoI to DMBC, it was five days over its published time limit and still rejected and there has been no investigation as subsequently requested.

The Shire Group website has posted a notice on the DDC section which alerts interested parties that A meeting of the Board will be held 7th November 2014 at Shire Group of IDBs, Epsom House, Malton Way, Adwick le Street, Doncaster DN6 7FE commencing 9.30am”. 

The DDC is a public body and as such members of the public are able to attend the meetings as observers.  It would seem reasonable to assume that the Audit Report will be an agenda item as the Report was issued to the Commissioners on 9 October.  The Meeting Papers for the 7 November (some 60 pages) are available as a download via the DDC ‘news’ page. 

This is the first time that Meeting Papers have been made available from an IDB meeting, past endeavours to obtain Papers have met with resistence, Minutes have eventually been made available months later on the website so the Governance Audit has delivered one improvement thus far ….   As for any others, watch this space ….



A recently engineered drain at Fishlake: part of the Mining Subsidence Remediation Scheme.

Is this demonstrable best practice? 

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