‘Moor’ murder & mayhem planned up north?

Hen Harriers, Badgers and now another protected species in the sporting interests sights …. Pine Martens this time!  It seems that there is a view that some landowners believe a cull is necessary to protect their lucrative grouse stocks.  One might wonder why the hunting lobby would leak the plan, but smoke and fires?

 Pine Marten Dani Kropivnik Wikipedia Commons Licence

Pine Marten
Dani Kropivnik
Wikipedia Commons Licence

You just couldn’t make all this up …. could you?

Herald Scotland reported on Sunday that the GWCT want to launch a trial to trap and relocate Pine Martens, a species protected under law as an andangered species.  I recall a comment submitted to Standing up for Nature blog that it was time that the word conservation was removed from the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust ….




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