Politics, fracking & a Rally for Nature?

Those of you not travelling to London next Tuesday, 9 December to take part in the Rally for Nature are offered an alternative option for an evening out ….

Haxey Fracking Poster


With around 150 days or so left until the 2015 General Election there is still time to contact MPs and indeed Ministers and their Shadows to establish where they stand on various environmental issues?  Not sure who your MP is, then it’s time to find out via They Work For You? The website programme uses the Royal Mail postcode software, so unfortunately it is not always accurate.  Certainly not in rural communities, on a par with the quality of rural broadband provision perhaps?

One might wonder if any party is interested in the shopping list of starters for 10 below?   Which party, if any, have any similar variations in their draft Manifestos?  They seem reasonable, but perhaps some might be deemed controversial in upland areas of the country?

Ensure the protection given to  our wildlife through the EU Birds and Habitats Directives is strengthened not watered down or lost. 

Make wildlife crime a reportable offence and introduce vicarious liability for wildlife crime, to ensure that protected species like the Hen Harrier are not driven to extinction as a breeding species in this country.

How many will we see in the Humberhead Levels this winter? Image: Tim Melling

How many will we see in the Humberhead Levels this winter?
Image: Tim Melling

Ban lead ammunition further to Quito agreement (supported by UK as part of EU delegation).

Ban driven grouse shooting, there is now evidence that water bills are increased as a result of heather burning as well as other damage consequential of intensive moorland management for red grouse.  

140818 Middlemoor butt hrk 430

Commit to addressing the issue of bovine TB in cattle through a vaccination programme of cattle and badger and the introduction of measures to ensure improved biosecurity.


Reform of the planning system to ensure that safeguards are in place to protect SSSIs and other environmentally sensitive areas.

Ensure that agri-environment schemes deliver public benefit and provide value for money, seek reform of the CAP to ensure that the environment is not damaged for short term economic gain.  Ensure public funds do not subsidise environmentally damaging programmes, schemes and projects.

140823 Round bales & turbines hrk 475 


Review the role of the various Defra agencies and Departments as it would appear that there may be some with conflicting interests even within organisations themselves?

Review the Marine Act with a view of extending protection of important areas.

Then there’s the issue of energy efficiency, energy conservation, waste reduction and recycling, politicians, bankers, big business, the NHS, ‘old fashioned’ values such as honesty, integrity and principles above political agendas (we can dream) ….

A recent description of life in Westminster village …. The weird and wonderful traditions that make it a cross between Hogwarts and a Gilbert and Sullivan Comic Opera?  The barracking and routine dishonesty?  The way the lobbyists for the energy companies and arms companies swan around, knowing they’ve practically bought the place?  Another view by a parliamentarian expressed was the desire (or was it intention) to get rid of “green crap”.


Perhaps we should try to see which party is nearest to the issues above, Voteforpolicies might provide a bit of insight until the various political party Manifestoes are made available for public scrutiny?  How do we make them accountable for breach of promise, otherwise it is all rhetoric?  The public we are told have lost faith and few trust politicians, but with the party system we suffer there is little wonder?


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