Danvm Drainage Commissioners: best practice?

Readers are well able to judge for themselves if the images below illustrate examples of best practice management





Whilst we’d not imagine that the works are those of the Danvm Drainage Commissioners themselves, that is to say actual Board members, is it perhaps contractors engaged and supervised by Shire Group of IDBs management services, or is it their workforce?

Interestingly, whilst trying to locate Shire Group Policies on hedgerow management a document ‘Hedgerows’ was located in Environment this BAP Guidance Note (neither dated nor authored) is commendable as it extols the virtues of hedgerows for wildlife, prevention of soil erosion etc.  It ‘aims’ to avoid ‘over-trimming’ and ‘Retain hedgerow trees’.

Shire Group oft recite adherence to best practice and they are to be commended for their insistence upon it, regularly informing meetings that they always ensure that contractors are briefed as to environmental issues when undertaking works.  An immediate investigation was promised ….

Shire Group management service Minutes often identify issues and the approach to resolution?  Shire Group of IDBs have Environment Committees, Environment Officers but ….

It might be that this ‘Guidance’ is aimed at other people to encourage them to look after the wonderful Inclosure Award hedgerows in the Fishlake and Sykehouse area?


Some Inclosure hedgerows were lost to the massive engineering works deemed essential for the ‘Fishlake Mining Subsidence Remediation Scheme’ others have been lost as fields are amalgamated to accommodate modern farm machinery and a once pastoral landscape in a low lying natural wetland and flood plain is transformed to a productive prairescape, much of funded through agri-welfare payments and subsidies.

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