When is PEAT FREE compost NOT peat free?

When it’s WESTLAND’s Gro-Sure Peat Free All Purpose Compost?

Accurate labelling is essential whether it be a tin of stew, a prescription medicine or a bag of compost?  If it is badged as ‘PEAT FREE’ then it would seem perfectly reasonable that it will NOT contain ANY peat at all?  Confused?  We certainly are ….


Above: front of bag of WESTLAND PEAT FREE All Purpose Compost


Above: back of same bag of WESTLAND PEAT FREE All Purpose Compost


Above: close of top left panel of back of bag of WESTLAND PEAT FREE All Purpose Compost

Clearly stating 50% peat content?  We tried to locate more information on the product but it was a ‘tad’ limited in detail?

For PEAT’s SAKE …. ?

Who can we trust these days? 

It says PEAT FREE on the front but when you read the detail it all becomes as clear as a mirky mire?

If other readers come across ‘moor’ mirky tales or corporate marketing spin then please drop us a line, better still a photograph along with details. We’d also really appreciate information and details of where GENUINE PEAT FREE compost can be obtained from locally (in the Humberhead Levels primarily), a review of the product if you’ve used it etc. would be much appreciated.

Thanks expressed to ‘confused of Doncaster’ for the above three images.

050520 Hatfield Packards

In case any readers thinks that peat extraction on SSSIs & Natura 2000 sites are sustainable, then we offer that the above illustration suggests a different perspective?  This site is an SPA for nighjar and an SAC for lowland raised mire!

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