Partially eclipsed …. eyes to the sky and in the field?

A very bright morning early on but as the hour approached it became decidely dull and overcast with grey clouds.  These drifted across the sky allowing intermittent glimpses of the much heralded solar eclipse as the moon came between us and the distant sun.

150320 PEclipse Thorne hrk 865 - Copy

The image above, something akin to a black hole or tunnel just manages to capture the lead up to the eclipse and light burst.  If your imagination were to be allowed free reign, then perhaps it might resemble an eye?  It’s one of those events that perhaps reminds us of our place and insignificance in the grand scheme of things?  Of eyes ….

Tomorrow is the Eyes in the Field Wildlife Crime Conference in Buxton, speakers include Chris Packham, Mark Avery and Dominic Dyer amongst others.  Tickets sold out very quickly but that’s no surprise is it?  Birders Against Wildlife Crime are to be congratulated in organising this conference and keeping the fate of ‘skydancer’ in the public’s eye and maintaining it as a high profile campaign.


The natural environment, wildlife and nature conservation sadly appear to be very low on the political agenda at the moment.   One might suspect it will feature highly throughout tomorrows event and that is to be applauded.

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