EU Birds and Habitats Directives under threat?

I’m sure many readers will have received appeals from mainstream NGOs as well as ‘enviromental’ bloggers to respond to the Public consultation as part of the Fitness Check of the EU nature legislation (Birds and Habitats Directives).  This can be done via the NGO website or directly through to the EU here.

We’d certainly encourage all readers to respond and further encourage others to do likewise.  In tandem perhaps readers might also consider writing to their MPs and even directly to UK Ministers explaining why legislation needs strengthening not weakening.  There are many erudite ‘arguments’ put forward as to why we need protective legislation to safeguard habitats and species and why leaving the EU would not be a good thing for wildlife or the ‘natural’ environment.

According to the Environment LIFE Programme webpage the deadline for responding to the consultation is 24 July 2015.

Craig Bennett, a long standing associate of the Forum writes in yesterday’s Guardian of the consequences for wildlife of leaving Europe.

“The environmental consequences of Britain leaving the EU would be huge.

In the piece Bennett cites a report by Dr Charlotte Burns, Environment Department, University of York, expert in European Union environment policy and processes.

The Implications for UK Environmental Policy of a Vote to Exit the EU.

The referendum first promised by the ConDems and then reneged on is now back on the Conservative right’s agenda.  Already economists are warning of the impact on businesses if the UK left the EU, and the uncertainty is not helpful to the economy nor to the environment not that there are many businesses interest in the natutal environment?  There are issues to be resolved but where there is a will there is surely a way, but then again can a case be presented that politics is a principled profession?

A guest blog on “Standing up for nature” by Richard Wilson also makes interesting and useful comment on the potential risks for nature conservation of leaving the EU.

Recent press articles of potential interest to readers:

Another recent Guardian asks “Should we drop protection on birds of prey?”

More bad news for wildlife “A third of Europe’s birds under threat, says most comprehensive study yet.”




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