UK National Fish Vote

Last year we had a national campaign to find our national bird, now it’s the turn of the fish.  So if you wish to see haddock or cod on the menu then get your vote registered.  Perhaps you prefer freshwater species, trout or salmon – then again is salmon fresh of sea?  The same might be said of the European Eel perhaps?

What criteria would we each see as important in the selection?  Perhaps the public might opt for a high profile food species? Naturalists might go for a species which represents the need to ensure that particular habitats are cared for and protected?  Anglers might prefer one that represents a challenge in the pursuit of?  Certainly all fish need a healthy environment in which to breed and play their part in the natural ecosystem.  That we exploit particular species as food should not really influence a decision but given the popularity of the christmas card robin, the chances are that the national fish will be linked to Solanum tuberosum served with a generous quantities of acetic acid and sodium chloride?

For more detail and additional information then take a look at Beneath the waterline website and the press release via Fisheye’s View.  UK National Fish is a Survey Monkey website and asks you seven questions, some of which require more in depth knowledge but should not stop you from voting for your favourite species.

We appreciate that people might think there’s something ‘fishy’ about our promoting this request, but fish need a healthy environment in which to live and water, be it fresh or sea is an important habitat as well as a natural resource which needs conserving in all our interests.  If wetlands are healthy and seas are clean then there is hope for our own species?

Take part in the UK National Fish vote, voting is in two stages:

23rd Jan – 26th March: from the 40 species the top ten will be narrowed down

26th March – May (exact date TBC): from the top ten the national fish will be decided.




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