Pernicious Myths?

We are hearing much at the moment claimed as fact in attempts by some people with ‘political’ agendas to persuade us to join or rather support a particular perspective?  Plentiful supposition and short on robust science offered by both sides?

Peacock @ BD  21042016 mh

Has nature a value, or is it simply a resource to be traded, used or abused on a ‘whim’?

Whilst our area of interest is broadly speaking a geographical one, the Forum takes a wider interest in peat matters and would encourage responsible use of all finite earth resources.  Politicians and those in power appear to have long since abandoned any long term strategy opting instead for short term benefit likely to keep them in lucrative posts?  We offer the post detailed below as a little ‘food’ for thought amidst the tedium of the claim, counter claim and downright ‘Jackanory‘ (for those of a certain age who may remember the programme) of “Brexit“?

Dr Glen Barry presents a view that Nothing grows forever. The myth the economy can is destroying the biosphere. 

The present human condition is predicated on one of the biggest lies ever – that the economy can grow indefinitely. In a self-serving logical contortion, economists in service to the oligarchy measure the well-being of a society by how fast the economy grows, with little regard to the state of natural capital, human inequity, the welfare of ecosystems and other species, or the extent to which people and society are happy. Natural capital is defined as Earth’s stocks of natural assets including ecosystem services which make all life possible, which is unmeasured and thus undervalued by indices of economic growth.

Read the full article “The Pernicious Myth of Perpetual Economic Growth” here and others on the EcoInternet website here.

Image above: Peacock butterfly sunning itself on Thorne Moors, for how much longer will such sights be everyday and common?  Are we right to just take such things for granted?  Courtesy of Martin Warne.

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