Effort rewarded?

The weather at the moment is somewhat changeable and one has to make the most of opportunity?  Whilst not perfect, barely ideal but worth the risk?  The actinic moth trap was left overnight to see what if any species could be added to the site list ….

160804 Actinic hrk 203 - web

Next morning, as I logged the anticipated ‘usual suspects’ such as Large, Broad-bordered and Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Swallow Prominent, Ruby Tiger, Beautiful China Mark and Marbled Beauty amongst others, there tucked beneath an egg box was a ‘real’ beauty; a pristine male Black Arches! 

160804 m Black Arches hrk 171 - redfile

I don’t think I fully realised the significance of this specimen patiently awaiting my admiration of its bold markings, not to mention those fantastic antennae until earlier today when I began to research the species status in Yorkshire, then I recalled an exchange of emails about another specimen being the highlight of another VC63 trapping session!

According to ‘Yorkshire Moths‘ there have been only seven records from seven sites since 1833!  Three of which herald from VC63.

It was just one of those gems which turn up quite unexpectedly, one of those occasions when the effort proves worthwhile.

It was released unharmed after posing for its photograph and a place in local lepidoptera history.  It opted not to reappear the following evening so hopefully it’s found a mate and their offspring will delight me with their presence in future seasons ….

All this goes to show that effort can be rewarded, and that applies to habitat management as well as recording the assemblage that benefits from an environmentally sympathetic regime?


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