Twitterati : confession time?

Technology has added greatly to all our abilities to communicate with a wider audience, be it through an email network or a blog such as you are now reading.

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter has thousands of users and followers.  But is it  the epitome of mindless gossip for folk with nothing better to do?

Sat at a conference recently I pondered more deeply than usual the question as to whether it could work for us, could it bring benefit to environmental conservation campaigning at our level ?

If the recent campaign initiated by Dr Mark Avery through the on-line epetion to “Ban Driven Grouse Shooting” then despite being something of a skeptic, I have to confess that I can see positives.  So, as I was told perhaps a year or so ago, “get over it and get on with it” so we have ….

Follow “Bog-trotter”  @4peatssake2 

Be patient, it’s a learning curve.  We plan to ‘tweak’ the website again shortly and embed the above Twitter account in.  We also hope to incorporate a ‘calendar’ so people can see up and coming events which might be of interest to them.



Ryedale Folk Museum at Hutton le Hole is where CCT’s Cornfield Flowers Project can be seen.

Another bit of news which might be of interest to readers with an interest in the Humberhead Levels and Lower Derwent Valley geographical is that the Carstairs Countryside Trust have just launched a new website here.


Thanks to all readers who have signed Avery’s Ban Driven Grouse Shooting, having just passed 123k it is credit of tenacious campaigners (Avery, Packham, Oddie et. al.) that it has achieved the required number of signatories for it to be ‘discussed’ in Parliament.  It is also indicative of the reach of social media, the mycelium of which are beyond the influence of ‘mainstream manipulated media’?  Watch this space for updates.


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