Lepidoptera of Thorne Moors

The Executive are delighted to announce that Checklist of the Lepidoptera of Thorne Moors 1827 – 2014 is back from the printers.  Good news also around the cost, cheaper than estimated

Moat Front Cover

Copies are available at £7 with postage at cost either first class @ £1.71 or second class @ £1.54

Copies are available from the Thorne Times Office or from T&HMC Forum Publication Sales, P O Box 879, Thorne, Doncaster, DN8 5WU.  Please make cheques payable to T&HMC Forum (£8.71 or £8.54).

As well as the extensive checklist of species it contains a paper “Landmarks in the documentation of the Lepidoptera of Thorne Moors” by Colin A Howes.

Unsurprisingly it is already out of date as new species have been added and one updated significantly.

Despite the autumnal weather there are still butterflies and moths about – let us know what you find.

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