Who owns England?

Apologies for the recent silence in terms of blog posts.  We’ve been busy with a number of projects and we will report on these at a later date.

The absence of updates does not mean that there hasn’t been activity, either recording or campaigning.  In terms of campaigning there is a recent discovery that we’d like to share with you.

Many readers will be familiar with Andy Wightman’s seminal tome “The Poor Had No Lawyers Who owns Scotland (And How They Got It).  See also Andy’s blog Land Matters

See also  Andy Wightman listed as Scottish Green Party on Scottish Parliamentary website Another website of interest is that of Who Owns Scotland

So, it was pleasing to discover the English equivalent Who Owns England recently.  It was one of those purely by chance moments, a discovery resulting from researching a Twitter news feed relating to the proposed sell off of the Land Registry.  The information available through WOE is recommended reading to anyone interested in such topics as those listed below.  It is a valuable tool in terms of researching land use associated with land ownership.  It also aids understanding behind some political decisions as well perhaps?

It appears that the website was launched earlier this year around August and its team are to be congratulated on the content thus far, long may they continue to shine their torch into murky corners?  For readers who Twitter see also @guyshrubsole  Who informs us that he is a Campaigner at Friends of the Earth. I tweet about climate change, nature, coal, floods, land, politics. All views my own.  See other Shrubsole articles via Open Democracy.  

There is a whole host of interesting posts including: England’s Missing Acres, Who Owns England’s Grouse Moors, Defence of the Realm MOD land holdings, To the Manor Born: Mapping the Grosvenor Estate, Who Owns Parliament, Liquid Assets: Land owned by the water utilities, What does Whitehall Own, The Birds and the Trees: Land owned by the RSPB and the Forestry Commission, What do the Oxford Colleges Own, Why we must open up the Land Registry, How much Public Land is available for House Building.




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