Hot off the Press: Thorne & Hatfield Moors Papers Volume 11

Just back from the printers is the latest edition of the Thorne & Hatfield Moors Papers.  Volume 11 is 178 pages plus a further 20 of content details etc. Liberally interspersed with colour photographs, maps and diagrams to accompany some 16 main papers.

To make the information within the volume widely available the Executive are offering it at just £7 plus postage & packaging at cost £2.95 (second class) so a total of £9.95.

Copies can be obtained from T&HMC Forum Publication Sales, PO Box 879, Thorne, Doncaster, DN8 55WU.  Please make cheques payable to T&HMC Forum.  Alternatively copies are available locally from the Thorne Times office.

Main Papers:

Mick Oliver, Colin Howes & Louise Hill: Lindholme Old Moor.  A refugium in a severely damaged landscape.

Mick Oliver: Lindholme: an outline history.

Paul Buckland: The Nature of Lindholme.

Louise Hill: Vegetation mapping on Jack’s Piece, Lindholme Old Moor.

Colin Wall: Some observations on the Bryophytes of Lindholme Old Moor.

Tim Prosser: Using Lidar data to map Lindholme Old Moor.

Colin Howes & Derek Allen: The Lindholme Oaks.

David Williamson: The moths of Lindholme: the Doncaster Naturalists’ Society experience 2013-2017.

Colin Howes: On the Vapourer trail: records of a relict Scarce Vapourer Moth population on Lindholme and adjacent parts of Hatfield Moors.

Colin Howes & Pip Seccombe: Beewolf at Lindholme: notes on a population of Philanthus triangulum (F.) (Hymenoptera: Crabonidae) at Lindholme, Hatfield Moors.

J. Hobart: Is the Minotaur Beetle (Typhaeus typhoeus (L.)) more common at Hatfield Moors than previously thought?

Andrew Grayson: The June 2011 Skidmore Memorial Survey of the Lindholme Hall Estate: invertebrates

Colin Howes: A Note on the Otter Lutra lutra at Lindholme Lake and the Hatfield  Moors Drains.

Colin Howes: A historical review of bat records from Lindholme Old Moor and adjacent areas.

Colin Howes: Hatfield Moors, an oasis in a sandy desert: the effects of Drift geology, soil type and landscape on air moisture at RAF Lindholme and RAF Finningley.

and one book review

Malcolm Lillie: Review: Henry P. Chapman & Benjamin R. Gearey (2013) Modelling archaeology and palaeoenvironments in wetlands: The hidden landscape archaeology of Hatfield and Thorne Moors, eastern England. Oxford: Oxbow Books

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