Canals, Plants and People: a Yorkshire Perspective by Ray Goulder.

Regular readers of Forum publications will be familiar with the work of Ray Goulder, author of this new book (Please note that we’ve not received a review copy so the information provided here is that which was received from Ray as author)

Canals, Plants and People: a Yorkshire Perspective

Which, according to the flyer we’ve received

This book is aimed at readers who enjoy and relax in the ambience of canals. It will appeal to botanists, ecologists, geographers, natural historians, and to boaters, and to those who walk or cycle along towing paths or take a wider interest in the countryside.

The author explores how water plants in and alongside Yorkshire canals interact with human activity. Contents include:

  • A record of the plants found.
  • The impact of boating on plants and vegetation.
  • Plants in derelict and disused canals.
  • Effects of restoration of disused canals.
  • Relationships between plants and maintenance and management of canals.
  • Rare plants, native plants that are beyond their natural geographic range, and alien plants.
  • Impacts of leisure activities on plants.
  • The future of plants in canals.

The author has worked extensively as a volunteer for the Canal & River Trust and has become increasingly focused on how the distribution and abundance of plants are related to the many ways in which people use and enjoy canals.

The book is scientifically rigorous with a wealth of plant records in appendices. Over 200 references are cited and there is a comprehensive index. There are vi + 222 pages and the author’s colour photographs are used to illustrate the text.

Canals, Plants and People: a Yorkshire Perspective (2019) is published by the People, Landscape and Cultural Environment Education and Research Centre (PLACE)*.

To obtain a copy send a cheque for £13.50 (£10.50 + £3.00 p&p) per copy to Dr Margaret Atherden, PLACE Office, York St John University, Lord Mayor’s Walk, York YO31 7EX. Cheques to be payable to PLACE.  Remember to include your name and address, email & telephone number.

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