Annual Sphagnum Survey

The Forum has been involved with the series of annual surveys for sphagnum on Thorne Moors since the recent survey was initiated in 2016.  The 2019 adventure, the fourth in the series, will take place on Friday 15 November and will again focus efforts on the area known as the Southern Canals.

Sphagnum spp. spore  capsules hrk P7010020.JPG

For more background on the rationale for the recent work and the background see Sheehan et. al. 2017 in Volume 10 of the Thorne & Hatfield Moors Papers.

So, if you’re interested in sphagnum then why not consider joining us?  Could you be the finder of the elusive Sphagnum balticum?  This species was last recorded on Thorne Moors in 1980 by Tom Blockeel.  It’s an excellent opportunity to learn more about the peat forming sphagnum and bog building mosses.  It’s an opportunity to meet experienced field naturalists and professional bryologists.

For more information or to register an interest in joining the survey please contact

Sphagnum survey teams 2018 hrk DSCN5922 Crop

Sphagnum surveyors taking a well earned break, 2018 Survey. 
Images: Helen R. Kirk

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