Birds on the Spurn Peninsula &c.

Spurn Point in Yorkshire is, and has been since ‘Adam was a lad’ regarded as a mecca for birders, ornithologists, birdwatchers or a whole host of other terms used to describe their activities or in many cases passions.

It almost goes without saying that it has an exceptionally well documented history of a wide range of natural history disciplines, not least birds.

Both books illustrated below will be well known to Spurn aficionados.  If you haven’t already got a copy then now is your chance to acquire one or other, or both.

Both books are in excellent condition.

As a guide price Birds of the Spurn Peninsula can be bought through Amazon as used copies with prices ranging from £25, £40 or even £94 with all book dealers charging £2.80 post & packaging.  Abe Books is offering it at £40 + £3.75 shipping charge.

Birds of Spurn A Comprehensive Checklist is offered via Amazon as a used copy for £13.45 + £2.80 p&p.

If anyone is interested in acquiring these books then please get in touch via  When making contact to make an offer, please bear in mind the guide prices provided. 

Proceeds from the sale will be donated to a conservation organisation (details available to purchase on request).

For a bit more background information on a book described as an ‘ornithological classic’ click here.


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