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Badger the Backbench Business Committee?

March 10, 2014

Here we go again, badger is back on the ‘Greenest Government ever’ menu ….

Badger & mayweed

The Badger Trust have issued a briefing note ahead of the Parliamentary Backbench Business Committee debate scheduled for Thursday 13 March, and if you are interested in the issue then it is certainly worth a read.  It is well researched and referenced and makes pretty astonishing reading in places, to quote cold

The high cost of culling makes a mockery of claims most recently made by Agriculture Minister George Eustice in a letter to Angela Smith MP dated 7th January 2014, that “It [culling by controlled shooting] will also be far less costly [than vaccinating badgers], with badger vaccination costing £662 per badger or £3900 per square km in Wales in 2012”. 

The briefing note does say that costs have yet to be published, but it reports that the estimated cost of the cull has worked out at around £7m which equates to about £4,000 per badgerAs soon as we learn of actual costs then we will let you know.

The Badger Trust have asked people to contact their MPs and to send a copy of the briefing immediately asking them to read it and attend the debate on Thursday to vote against any further badger culling.

In case you’ve not already done so, then readers might consider signing the latest epetition on the Direct.Gov.UK website “Stop the cull NOW”  It may be, and call me a sceptic (although I’d prefer realist) but the pro-cull lobby will hope that the issue will fall off the radar, but the BBC debate needs to know that people are following up the signing of Brian May’s epetition with more pressure for science based evidence.

A few other reports worth reading

 BBC accepts it was wrong to state that badger culling in Republic Ireland reduced TB in cattleTo avoid confusion BBC is the Parliamentary Back Bench Committee, not a television company!

Charity Findings cocur with IEP Report.

Culling inhumane and ineffective.

NFU Conference Commentary.  This is a quite astonishing read.  Setting aside PR and media politics, fundamentally the facts have to be accurate or surely the NFU would litigate such potential libel?

Tim M Badger 7465227996_e7b29e0ea9_h 

Poor old ‘brock’ …. villan or scapegoat?

Image Tim Melling

We appreciate and recognise that the issue of badgers and bTB is an extremely emmotive subject, family farms can be devastated and lives ruined.   It seems that science is often neglected when debates become polarised, but why will the Government (past, present and probably future) not listen to evidence based science, why have they failed to begin vaccination programmes of both badgers and cattle (ok the EU complicates the issue in terms of cattle vaccinations), there has to be a way, to collectively and collaboratively address and resolve this issue.  This disease has been around since the 1970s, surely it is not beyond the whit of man to find a sensible solution?

Please, if you decide to contact your MP please let us know the response you receive, via


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