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The first casualty is truth?

August 17, 2016

So says George Monbiot in yesterday’s Guardian and who describes the grouse shooters campaign against the RSPB as a shameful example of ‘astroturfing’. Adding that the public should beware.

It is certainly a hard hitting piece and well worth reading, one might wonder if it will now see Monbiot as a ‘target’ alongside Packham, Avery and other high profile campaigners?

Readers are asked to consider writing to their MPs ahead of the forthcoming debate in Parliament to “Ban driven grouse shooting”, Mark Avery provides a template via his recent blog post ‘Writing to your MP’.

Interestingly the Doncaster constituencies have increased steadily but haven’t yet achieved the campaign target for each of the parliamentary constituencies.  The only HHL constituency nearing the 154 target is Brigg & Goole with 140 as I write.

Don Valley, Caroline Flint MP : 124

Doncaster North, Ed Miliband MP : 95

Doncaster Central, Rosie Winteron MP : 125

To find how your area is doing click on the petition map link herePlease help push the word out so the numbers increase to the extent that when MPs are contacted by their constituents they can see how many have already signed it, there is still just a little over four weeks left to run, the closing date is 20 September.  It’s not just about the Hen Harrier but the land management practices associated with driven grouse shooting which have consequences and impacts on all of us through the public purse and increased costs to resolve some of the problems arising from ‘sporting practices’ not least illegal persecution of raptors.

For anyone considering a trip to the annual Birdfair at Rutland Water this coming weekend, there is to be a debate on the issue of driven grouse shooting on Friday at 16:45 until 17:30 in the main events marquee.  There is seating capacity for 500!

For some interesting videos outlining the issues surrounding driven grouse shooting see Chris Packham’s website here.  Judge for yourself who bowled the best over, Packham or Botham?  See also the BTO statement around the report cited by ‘Sir’, what an own goal?





Thorne & Hatfield Moors and its campaigners receive another acolade ….

October 9, 2013

There had been some wonderful autumnal sun the week before, but the day dawned sultry and yet evocative as beffiting the moors. There were a few spots of rain but the weather held, people had dressed sensibly well aware of the nature of our wonderful, wild and windswept landscape.  One commentator suggested that “The setting could not have been bettered” another that “It was an inspired idea to take us to that evocative point on the moors”.  We would certainly agree but then we need no persuasion of the unique nature and emotions they generate.

Thorne Moors has seen some action over the years, it has had amazing discoveries made on it, it has seen demonstrations to save it it and last Friday it saw a celebration when the Lord Lieutenant of South Yorkshire Mr David Moody (the Queen’s representative) presented a British Empire Medal at a specially convened investiture to Helen Kirk, the Forum’s Executive Secretary who was honoured in the New Year’s Honours List 2013, near Blue Bridge along the limestone road actually on Thorne Moors!

The photograph below shows people drawn from the past three decades of peat campaigns, friends and family. Thanks to Craig Bennett (Director of Campaigns at FoE) and to the Rt Hon. Caroline Flint MP for their anecdotal reminiscences of the battles to save Thorne & Hatfield Moors. To Ian Carstairs OBE, a special thank you for acting as Master of Ceremonies.

A particular thank you to the Lord Lieutenant of our beloved county of South Yorkshire, Mr David Moody for his willingness to embrace the spirit of the campaign and to agreeing to the al fresco venue, also to his staff Sharon and Mike – you can tell your grandchildren that you survived the green-eyed tabanids, the cohorts of flies known to haunt the bogs in their millions!

KW Pic 6

It has to be said that there was also the sense and a feeling that past campaigners were there with us, in spirit particularly with the last bottle of 1984 vintage “Mum’s Mild Malt” (given by the ‘infamous WB’ to the late Stephen Warburton and last aired by him at a Ministerial Conference in 2002).  The toast was to the past, to the present and ‘moor’ importantly to the future generation of conservation campaigners who will ensure that these moors, our moors are here for our grandchildren and their granchildren ad infinitum.

Thanks to Karren Wake of the newly launched Thorne Times for spending time out there with us, thanks too for allowing us to share this image marking the event.



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