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Fracking creeps towards Hatfield Moors, how far to Thorne?

May 10, 2015

Regular readers will recall our post about a potential meeting with fracking developers in North Lincolnshire which was cancelled, then the meeting in Haxey last year which looked at proposals for North Lincolnshire and the Isle.

It is now progressing at Misson.  We have recently learnt that there are to be two public meetings organised by Frack Free South Yorkshire, one in Bawtry and the other in Hatfield.

The Hatfield proposal is made by Egdon Resources and their press release of 4 December 2014 explains:

Egdon Resources, of Hampshire, wants to drill for shale gas at Hatfield in 2015.

Once Egdon has identified a location for a well pad for their drilling operation they will seek planning permission from Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council, together with a permit from the Environment Agency.  But first they intend carrying out 2D seismic surveys across the parish to help them identify a well pad location.

“Exercise of Exploration Option and Farm-in Agreement, PL161 and PL162. Further to the announcement made on 5 December 2013, Egdon Resources plc (AIM:EDR) is pleased to announce that it has exercised its Exploration Option and Farm-in Agreement (“The Agreement”) with Scottish Power Generation Limited (“SPG”) to farm in to UK Onshore Production Licences PL161 (Block SE/60b) and PL162 (Blocks SE/70a and SE/80b) located in Lincolnshire and South Yorkshire.
The Agreement defines an “Exploration Area”, which excludes those parts of PL161 and PL162 relating to the Hatfield Moor operational gas store, the Hatfield West gas storage reservoir and the operational gas reception facility operated by SPG.

Under the terms of The Agreement, SPG granted Egdon an Option Period of twelve months by the end of which Egdon was required to either advise SPG of its intention to commit to the drilling of an exploration well in the Exploration Area (the “Option Well”) or else terminate The Agreement.


SY Hatfield Fracking Poster

Thursday 14 May 2015: Crown Hotel, High Street, Bawtry, DN10 6JW, 7 – 9 pm.

Saturday 16 May 2015: Victoria Hall, 42 Main Street, Hatfield, DN7 6RY, 2 – 4 pm.

We have not as yet seen any map which provides the footprint of the proposal, which in January 2014 according to one source was not looking to develop around the Hatfield Moors Gas Storage facility near Lindholme, but it seems to be a realistic option now proclaimed from Egdon Resources own press team.

Hopefully the meetings will provide such detail and perhaps the time frame for the process.  What has probably already happened is scoping for pre-application, so the local authority, the Environment Agency and Natural England may have already held exploratory meetings to discuss the issue.

See Unconventional oil and gas: what’s happening in the desolate North?  for a list of applications and their status up until January 2014.

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