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Hen Harrier Day 2015

June 7, 2015





2015 HH Day logo

Negotiations are ongoing for the venue, but it will be within easy travelling distance of Buxton, Derbyshire.

Also, there will be an evening event to celebrate the Hen Harrier on Saturday 8th August 2015 in Buxton. A host of celebrities will be involved including, we hope, Chris Packham, Jeremy Deller (Turner Prize winner), Mark Cocker (author), and Mark Avery. Last but by no means least, Henry the Hen Harrier will appear live (unlike many others) on stage. Details to follow, watch this space and save the date. Tickets to go on sale soon.

Other events on Hen Harrier Day will be held across the country. If blog readers are organising one and would like details to appear here, please e-mail us at

Make sure you bookmark this site and return to it regularly, as we will shortly be posting full details of the Peak District Event, Saturday Evening Celebration and the other Hen Harrier Day related activities.

Our friends will also have news and announcements. Links to their sites, blogs and Twitter streams are below.

Finally, we still need help to keep @HenryHenHarrier flying, publicise the plight of the Hen Harrier and advance BAWC’s 3Rs campaign. Please click on the “Donations” button, to see what’s on offer in exchange for your support.

2015 HH Day logo

The BAWC 2015 Conference in March was a sell out and an excellent event which saw the creation of a network which will work to address all wildlife crime including the illegal persecution of raptors, especially the Hen Harrier.  For a more detailed analysis of losses to this magnificent icon see Standing up for Nature.  Raptors Alive, Raptor Persecution Scotland and Raptor Politics websites all provide lurid detail of the persecution suffered by these fabulous birds.  Even BBC Springwatch reported on the illegal persecution, much discussion was had following this recent episode and even if it was not as strong as many would like it did raise the issue to viewers who may not have been aware of the issue and that can only be good.  Investigative journalism was suggested, Panorama was mentioned so perhaps readers might consider writing to the BBC promoting such an investigation?  One of the key messages coming from the recent BAWC Eyes in the Field Conference 2015 was the need to have wildlife crime as a reportable and recorded crime.

The National Wildlife Crime Unit struggles to address the increase in case work. Wildlife crime is a relatively low priority for most police forces, this may well be be because wildlife crime is not a reportable crime and so resources are focused elsewhere.  Killing of protected species is illegal and should be reported and recorded.  Perhaps that is something readers might like to consider encouraging their MPs to look into?  Perhaps a letter to Defra Ministers?

Don’t forget that this coming week, Wednesday we learn the result of the Vote for the National Bird, David Lindo aka ‘The Urban Birder’ will appear on Wednesday’s Springwatch to reveal the winner.

Will it be the Hen Harrier?  Expert commentators on these matters suggest that the general public will choose a well known, popular easily recognised species like the Robin or Blue Tit.  Ok, nothing wrong with the species but the ambition behind the drive to get the HH into the ‘top ten’ and higher was that by raising its profile and its fate that it would benefit from the media coverage.  Makes sense?  All will be revealed on Wednesday ….


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