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‘Moor’ Public Information Sessions : Old River Don Wind Farm

June 3, 2014

REG developers of the proposed Old River Don Wind Farm near Crowle have sent us an invitation to attend a Public Information Session in respect of their revised proposal.  It is clear that it is an information session and not a consultation, and it informs us all that “significant sums of money will be made available to local communities” [if the scheme goes ahead].  When we attended the previous session we were unable to establish a figure, and perhaps ‘significant’ is a subjective description?  But, ever an agnostic who analyses any scientific evidence presented ….

Friday 6 June 3pm – 7pm Ealand Victory Hall, New Trent Street, Ealand, DN17 4JJ

Saturday 7 June 10am – 2pm Crowle Community Hall, Woodland Gardens, Crowle, DN17 4LR

So, in short there has been a reduction of one turbine for the proposed development.  The two turbines nearest the village have been removed and one placed nearer to Crowle Moors SSSI / Natura 2000 see below for more detail.  Click on the images to enlarge.

140603 REG ORD PIS Invite p1

140603 REG ORD PIS Invite p2






Renewables again: Old River Don wind farm update

April 10, 2014

We have just received the news that REG are to drop the number of turbines proposed for the Old River Don Wind Farm at Crowle. The initial application was for seven x 126.5m turbines, this number is to be reduced to six. We have not received a revised plan with letter.  The initial footprint and positioning can be found here.  We tried to access the website via the detail in the REG letter but it did not work!

So, had to resort to good old Google instead …. and who provided an accurate address


140407 REG ORD update letter

Click on the image above to read the letter in a new panel.

When the website is interogated, a revised map can be found along with the initial footprint and positioning version.  As the REG letter indicates, one turbine has been removed and the alignment changed such that the turbines are further from residential properties.  Those nearest the Moors remain.

REG is seeking your views on what the community fund should be spent on, they also appear to seek constructive comments on the proposal.  It is somewhat difficult however to find a nominated person to contact, there is the ubiquitous ‘info@’ email address via their contact page. There is also the opportunity to ‘Have Your Say’.  But it is a questionnaire for you to complete, which interestingly it is already promulgated with their preferred responses to the questions which some might reagard as ‘loaded’?

When you look at the REG map, try to factor in also where the five planned for Rawcliffe Bridge will fit in on the map.  See here previous post detailing proliferation of turbines.

140228 TM hrk 716

Forget the fair share pledge, how many ‘moor’ are scheduled to appear on our local horizon?

Of renewable energy, regular blog readers will have noticed that RES have ambitions to develop a 32 acre Solar Farm proposed for Thorne Colliery, this proposal is currently working its way through the planning system almost alongside the REG development and that proposed for Rawcliffe Bridge by airvolution energy.  But ‘moor’ on that shortly ….

‘Moor’ wind farms? : Old River Don, Crowle.

January 9, 2014

A reminder that there are PUBLIC INFORMATION SESSIONS in respect of proposals to build another 7 turbines which will continue on from the Tween Bridge wind farm on the southern boundary of Thorne Moors SSSI, SPA, SAC.

REG, the developers are inviting people to meet their team in January 2014

Friday 10 January 12 noon till 5pm

at Crowle Community Hub, High Street, Crowle or

Saturday 11 January 10am till 4pm

at Crowle Community Hall, Woodland Gardens, Crowle.

In the interim if people seek more information they ask you to contact Barry from their stakeholder engagement team on 0800 458 6976.  Email:

Please tell them where you heard about their proposal.

Below: Tween Bridge turbines viewed from Green Bank.

120121 TB from Green Bank 771

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