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Alternative energy: solar farms at Thorne

April 6, 2014

We have received details of a screening consultation which is proposing to build a solar farm on the old Thorne Colliery site.

If this is of any interest to readers then we understand that it is to take place this coming Wednesday, 9 April 2014 

at Moorends Miners Welfare Centre (next to the Church) between 3pm and 7pm.

See the MMWC facebook page for more detail.

The Solar Park being developed for the old Thorne Colliety site at Moorends is estimated to cover 32 acres (15 football piches) and is reported to be able to deliver electricity to 1000 homes.

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Part of the Thorne Colliery site at Moorends.  The buildings shown here long since demolished.  Image copyright H R Kirk 

RES is said to have contacted 1400 homes and it is interesting to see that the promotional literature offers immediate input into what local people would like the ‘community pot’ spent on.


SOLAR FARM 2782507_d182b3af

Image: Richborough Solar Farm  licenced through Creative Commons licence

Part of the proposed site is elevated and is near to residential areas as well as Thorne Moors, Natura 2000.



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