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The Flood Untamed?

May 24, 2015

We are pleased to provide advance notification of a forthcoming event, a series of presentations by well known speakers.  

Readers old enough may recall the television series and book, written by Jeremy Purseglove some twenty five years ago. This presentation is timely as it co-incides with his revised and updated edition of the book and we hope to have some copies available on the day.

Dr Paul Buckland and Prof. Ian D Rotherham are also two well known and interesting speakers, well qualified to discuss the issue of wetlands and flooding.

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Please book early (tickets will be issued) and note that whilst there may be an option to pay (same price) on the door on the day we will not be able to cater for any late comers beyond tea / coffee.  It is advisable and helpful from an administrative perspective if potential attendees would pre-book.

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