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June 15, 2014

Readers might be interested in an event which is being run as part of a series of British Ecological Society Peatlands Special Interest Group workshops and in which the Forum have an involvement.

Sphagnum Mosses: Identification, Diversity, Landscape and Ecology.

The field visit is to Thorne Moors and the ‘basecamp’ is a community venue in Moorends.

Monday 20 October 2014 (9.30am – 4.30pm).

For more information access the information and Sphagnum booking form 2014 here.

See also In the bog conference details via UKEconet

‘Campaign corner’:

Conservation campaigning readers who also visit Standing up for Nature may share some of the frustration around the recent news released by Defra in respect of agri-industrialist welfare payments, sorry …. agricultural / environment support.  Even the BBC report that EU wildlife grants will be used to grow crops.  Another excellent and worthwhile read can be found on “a new nature blog”, in this substantive analysis Miles King explains why he considers that “The CAP no longer fits” and one might struggle to find much in the post to disagree with?  Absolutely astonishing, we shall be having nightmares …. a vista of thousand acre monocultures of peas and beans?  No hedgerows (so where do the pollinating insects build nests), no ponds, no diversity?  But agri-industrialists get their welfare grants, where are the challenges?  The main players in terms of membership numbers have been quite critical, but words come easy and there are many ‘politicians’ in some of the NGOs as there are making a mess of environmental scheme support.

Avery’s petition to Ban driven grouse shooting has passed its 4000 mark in a mere 18 days.  Can that magic 10,000 be reached to ensure that the topic is discussed in Parliament?  Please read Avery’s rationale and consider doing as he asks?

Another appeal which has recently visited my inbox has been that which informs us that:

Right next to Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales, developers are planning to turn 830 acres of hillside into a 3.5 mile race track — into the Circuit of Wales motorsports complex.

The local council argues that 6,000 jobs will be created — but, as environmentalists point out, the park will certainly be affected by pollution and an expected 750,000 people visiting.

Should we support the campaigners seeking to ask the Welsh government to reconsider turning this pristine natural area into a race track?  If you believe that nature should be protected and a priority then here’s the link:

Nature notes:

Some nice moths have recently have visited the garden Actinic Heath trap but other methods can bring rewards too.  This rather snazzy beast was spending a lazy afternoon on a poplar leaf.  It morphs into a delightful adult, but the larvae are certainly worth the effort of searching out.  The White Satin Moth, which is what this will eventually turn into  is recorded from both Thorne & Hatfield Moors.

140615 WSM hrk 187

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